How to Keep the Flame in Your Relationship

 You are in a relationship for a while already, you love each other, but… something seems off. Things no longer heat up in the bedroom as they used to at the beginning. Is there something to do, or is it all lost? Of course, there is! Love and attraction are still there, don’t worry! You just need to shake off the routing and rekindle the flame. Here are some tips for you:


DATING TIPSGo on a date No, you don’t have to start dating other people! Just go on a date with your partner! Book a table at a restaurant you used to go to when you were dating, go to a movie, take a walk in the park! Anything that will remind you of those days when love was simply floating in the air.


A romantic getaway A few days in a romantic place, doing things you both like, this will certainly bring back the flame. A city break, a beach holiday or a weekend in a spa resort… this is a great way of rediscovering each other and reconnecting.


Love notes You may think it’s too childish, but leaving love notes around the house is really sweet. Who doesn’t like a nice surprise? You can even go naughtier and give your notes a sexy touch. Go for it! It will work wonders for your sex life as well as your tips for men


Gifts Gifts are not only for birthdays and other anniversaries. You can get your partner a gift just about any day of the year. It shows you think about them.


Communication While nice gestures are great for nourishing the love, communication is the key. Tell your partner what you feel and why. Let them in, and your efforts will be rewarded.


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