Tips and Ideas for a Successful First Date


Very much anticipated, but also very much dreaded events, first dates can be quite stressful for both men and women and this is not without a reason. If you don’t want your first date to be a disaster, follow these simple tips:


FIRST DATE TIPS FOR MENDon’t try to plan everything While you should have a basic idea of what to wear, where to go, what to do, you must most certainly not try to plan every single detail. Things don’t go according to the plan and trying to stick to one might just be the source of a first date’s failure.


Be realistic Lack of realistic expectations represent yet another cause for first date disappointment. Always keep in mind that a first date is supposed to be fun. How about a cup of coffee, a casual dinner or a simple a walk in the park? Don’t expect conversation to get to the marriage and kids. Unless the two of you are on the same page, don’t expect your first date to end up in bed.


Avoid the moments of silence It’s all right if you are not a big talker, or if you are just a bit shy at the beginning. However, too much silence might just kill the moment. How about an action-oriented date instead? Maybe a visit to a theme park? Or a movie?

FIRST DATE TIPS FOR MENDress up for success Man or woman, you should know that appearances do matter. Put on an outfit that compliments you, and, who knows, you might strike it lucky this time!


Prepare an exit strategy Nobody says you shouldn’t be optimistic about your first date, but what if it’s a total disaster? Always have a plan B! A phone call from a friend might just help you find a decent excuse for an earlier escape.