For instance…it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute for a man to get ready and have sex but it is not the same with a woman.For women, it usually takes about 15 minutes for her to get all wet and ready for sex.


 01.You’re doing something because you saw it in a porno.mistakes man make in bed Most would deny that they’re doing stuff because it looked good in a porn. Most sex in porn is about what’s good for the camera, not what’s good for the participants in it, especially the women. In fact, many things that look good in porn can keep us from having fun in real-life sex. For instance, in porn the only parts of their bodies the actors often touch are their genitals, so that the camera can get a full view of the action. But in real life, sex is more of a whole-body experience, get it out of your system so we can move on to activities that are actually fun.


02. Take it slow in bed.
It can’t get any worse than a man finishing before we’ve even started. Women take longer to reach orgasm and foreplay is key – take your time and don’t rush.
03.Woman actually do know what will get them to orgasm.
Are you trying this and then trying that and finding nothing works to get her there? There’s a strong possibility she actually knows exactly what needs to happen, because she’s had practice masturbating, but is afraid to say so because her path to orgasm has been perceived by other men or the culture at large as bitchy or emasculating. She might feel that bringing a vibrator in bed will make you feel like less than a man, or she might worry that having you eat her out at length is boring for you. So she won’t ask. If you suspect this might be the case, it’s well worth bringing up. But don’t do it during sex, when fear of judgment is that much higher. While you’re sitting on the couch watching American Idol will lower the stakes of this discussion tremendously.


04.Men’re Suckers For Romance
You probably know that, right? Never ask, “Do you want flowers?” Just do it. If we have to ask for it, it doesn’t count. If you really want to impress your girlfriend, you’ll get major brownie points for sitting through a chick flick with her. On the other hand, the little things count just as much as the major gestures. Sending a card for no reason is one way to make her melt.
05. Don’t bypass her neck or ears
The feeling she gets when you kiss, nuzzle or lick her neck is likely 10 times as good as what you feel when she does the same to you. Her neck is one of the fastest ways to turn her on with the least effort. Be gentle with a moist tongue and soft lips, and you will have her moaning into your ear in no time. The front of her neck near her jugular is the most sensitive, but all over is good.Ears are also a highly erogenous area, . The trick to this is alternation; don’t keep doing the same thing all the time. Instead, go from mouth to neck to ear to neck to breast, and so on.


mistakes man make In bed06.There is more to breasts than nipples
Most men think that the nipple is the best bit and aim straight for it. This is not necessarily true; the entire breast is an oft-neglected erogenous zone. While men are busy sucking, licking, stroking, and playing with the nipples (and unfortunately sometimes biting and twisting without prior permission), the rest is often forgotten.
There can be a sensuous buildup to touching the nipple, like foreplay for the breast. Start on the outsides and work your way in with a tongue or finger. Circling brings the attention to the nipple, so when you do finally touch it, it is a great pleasure. Anticipation is the key, so use it to your advantage.
07.Trimmed pubic hair is better
It’s not that womens don’t like giving blowjobs, you just need to make sure your junk is clean. If you enjoy receiving oral sex, trim your pubic hair. Lots of women won’t say anything, and if they say they don’t care when asked, they are probably being truthful — only because they don’t know what they’re missing! Do it anyway. Trim it to about half an inch, and if you’re really brave, try shaving your testicles.
This feels great for you and much better for her mouth; it is generally 20 times more enjoyable for everyone. Pubic hair is a real deterrent for a girl trying her best to lick your balls, and it can send her straight onto your penis if it gets too hairy down there.
08. Get it wet
If you and your girl are getting hot and bothered, and you want to do anything to her vagina, just make sure that when you touch it, it is with something wet. Always.
Apply your (or even her) saliva to two fingers and gently slide them on the outside of the entrance to her vagina or spit into your hand and cover the end of your penis. Or both. Yes, she might be going crazy for you, but the wetness may not have reached the outside yet. Whatever you do, don’t ever do it dry. Vaginas can be complex, multi-layered things!
09.A woman can’t orgasm without a clitoral erection
The penis can become erect much more easily than the clitoris. The male erection can come from a thought, sight, sound, feeling, or even at random, but the female erection can only be achieved on the inside by rubbing the clitoris on the outside until the climax phase of the orgasm is achieved. Just because she is wet doesn’t mean she is erect.Squirting female orgasm can also be achieved by stimulating the G spot.


10.The importance of foreplaymistakes man make in bedForeplay is done to prepare the man and woman for sexual penetration. do not target her pussy straight away spend lots of time on kissing and foreplay,While a man’s erection is easier to achieve, he must stimulate her clitoris to make her erect first. Without rushing her or distracting her with his penis, she will be able to climax and then make him erect again for penetration. Without her erection there is no pleasure inside the vagina.


11. Ask her what exactly turns her on
The trick is to ask in the moment. If you ask over dinner, most women will be too uncomfortable to give you a straight answer. But if you’re already doing it almost perfectly and ask what else you should do, she’ll beg you for it. And here’s a big hint: Real women don’t respond to sex the way porn stars do. It takes a little time for their motors to warm up.


12.THINKING YOU NEED A BIG “TOOL” TO GIVE WOMEN ORGASMS It’s very common for men to equate sexual prowess with genital size. Men commonly think that a bigger “tool” will “hit spots” that a smaller one won’t, and will give women more orgasms. But if you actually ask women about this, you’ll find that this is completely untrue.The reality is you don’t need a big tool you can give any women body shaking powerful squirting orgasm just with your fingers.